Benefit From Our Perspectives

Leslie Gartrell Toepfer, Attorney at Law, P.C., is an independent law firm with the agility and flexibility necessary to align ourselves and our resources with the needs of our clients.

There is also another aspect to flexibility, which we proudly nurture.

It has to do with communication

We believe an attorney must consider issues not just from the legal perspective, but also from your view, and from other views as well. This helps us to create efficient solutions specific to your legal needs, to open opportunities, to remove obstacles, and to anticipate potential problems so that they may be avoided.

Flexibility. Creativity. Empathy. Communication. Partnership. They are all part of the mix.

Yet another perspective

Having worked in the real estate industry before practicing law, I have that perspective, too. I understand the importance of timing in any real estate transaction. I also know what kinds of hurdles confront developers and investors in a real estate deal.

Taking an active role as a team member with you, our firm guides you through each stage of a transaction to ensure schedules are adhered to and deadlines are met.

We’re particularly sensitive to the importance of deadlines and the coordination of the various factors in a transaction. So we get in the trenches with you, handing you the ammunition and showing the way, as it were.

We also have a clear view of our ethical responsibility

Trenches have mud, and a lousy view. My firm rises above all that.

We adhere closely to the Code of Professional Responsibility. In addition to carefully analyzing and avoiding current conflicts of interest, we make every effort to anticipate and avoid conflicts that may arise in the future.

We see integrity and accountability as working in both directions within the attorney-client relationship. That's another reason we like to work in close support of our clients, and is yet another factor that enables us to do so.

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