Entity Formations and Maintenance

Carefully consider the legal structure of your new business or real estate venture. It impacts how your principals are taxed and how the entity's internal affairs are managed.

As a partner in developing sound and efficient business structures for our clients, we consider and advise on issues involved in the formation of a business. Identifying potential advantages and disadvantages of various types of business entities, I personally provide realistic, practical guidance for our clients’ consideration. Although our firm does not offer tax expertise, our legal guidance assists you in deciding among incorporated and unincorporated entities such as C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships.

In doing this, we work closely with the client's accounting and tax professionals to meet client concerns and goals both legally and from a tax perspective.

Our firm offers its maintenance services to existing business entities, to preserve and maintain the books and records of the entities in accordance with prudent business practices. We can set calendar dates for annual reports to the Secretary(ies) of State, and we can prepare minutes of annual or special meetings, as and when such meetings occur.

Representative Transactions

  • Filing of annual reports to the Secretary of State.
  • Preparation of minutes of annual and special meetings.
  • Newly formed limited liability company requires representation and preparation of the formation documentation in connection with its acquisition and development of property.
  • Real estate developer needs owner association formation documents in connection with creating a commercial condominium development.

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