We will be pleased to discuss an engagement of our services with you. Upon making an engagement, we will provide you with an engagement agreement which describes the scope of our work for you, the fees for and other terms of our services, our billing procedures, and related information on our handling of matters and files.

Unless and until we have expressly agreed to represent you, and you have signed and returned to us an engagement agreement, you should not, and may not, assume that this firm is engaged to represent you. Reading or replying to e-mails, accepting or returning phone calls, and/or scheduling a preliminary meeting with you are not to be viewed as our acceptance of an engagement or this firm’s representation of you. Therefore, you should consider that an attorney/client relationship has been formed only after we have checked for and cleared any conflicts of interests, determined that this firm has the expertise you need, expressly agreed to represent you, and received a signed engagement agreement from you.

In connection with any engagement, we will be happy to provide information regarding our professional liability insurance coverage when requested to do so.

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